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Our Angels Guide Us

The Spirits Call To Us

We Are

PPF Investigations


Watch us on Season 1, Episode 2 of Conjuring Kesha streaming on  Discovery + and the Travel Channel

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Contact our friend Steve Wagner at

Integrated Shaman:


Proud to be a member of Creep Street Productions. Contact them for all your productions needs at:

We are an all female paranormal investigation team that no one thought we would be able to investigate locations by ourselves. They think we are afraid to go into dark places alone, but we're not! Coming to your home town, listening to your ghost stories, and trying to find proof of the afterlife.

We choose to walk into the unknown guided by our angels. We are there to prove that the paranormal realm does exist and we do whatever it takes to bring you proof. It's raw, it's real, and it's our journey. Follow us and see what these girls can do. 



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Honored to be on the cover of American Paranormal Magazine Tennessee Edition 2023 May-June 


We believe in preserving Haunted Historic Locations. Visit our Facebook page for up coming events or post your event. Click on the link below. 

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