About US

​​Since we have been investigating, we have had the privilege of ghost hunting with some of the top investigators in the business.


We have been on investigations with:

The Ghost Adventures Crew – Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Billy Tolley 

Ghost Hunters – Adam Berry and Joe Chin

EVP experts - Mark and Debby Constantinos

Researcher/Author - Jeff Belanger

Darkness Radio Host - Dave Schrader

Paranormal Equipment Inventor - Gary Galka

Mediums - Chip Coffey and Chris Fleming.


We have also travel to many of the Most Haunted locations in the U.S. including Waverly Hills Sanatarium, Stanley Hotel, and Sloss Furnace. Check out our "Locations Investigated" tab to see pictures of all locations and a description of the our haunted happenings there.