Hi my name is Regina, Co-Founder/Lead Investigator of PPF Investigations.  I saw my first spirit when I was just 8 yrs old and have been interested in the paranormal every since. I have always known that I could feel and sense spirits. And have been told that I am a sensitive.  


But my connection to the other side became greater after my sister passed away. I began to get signs from her that she was around and she even came to me in my dreams. Just 3 years after losing my sister, I lost my Dad to cancer and he started to give me signs that he was around. I couldn’t ignore this opportunity to explore the other side.


So I recruited my best friend and we started to do paranormal investigations. I know for a fact that our loved ones never leave us, even from the other side they communicate and let us know that they are around. This is the reason that I love to investigate! To capture a spirit answering your questions, communicating through our equipment or just give you that “funny” feeling that they are around is extraordinary!


I feel that it is important to share my findings with all that are interested. The more we can learn about the afterlife, the more we can bring comfort to those that have lost loved ones. So keep your eyes and ears open for those things that go bump in the night, it could be your long lost relative looking to communicate. Happy Hauntings!




My name is Rhonda, Co-Founder/Lead Investigator of PPF Investigations. Growing up I realized my mother had a "knack" for knowing when things were going to happen....ahead of time!!  She is an Old Soul and has shared many stories of events that have happened to her from the paranormal world. I personally didn't experience the paranormal until I started attending ghost investigations with Regina.   Many years and miles later,  I can honestly say that even though I started out a skeptic I am certainly a believer now!

My name is Jessie and I am considered the skeptic of the group. I am looking for proof of life after death. I have been investigating with Regina and Rhonda for years now and we have been to some amazing locations. I hope to cross off many more in the near future; especially Europe!

Hi! My name is Tammi. Growing up I was not a believer in the paranormal world. When I married my husband, he was a believer and I would tell him he was crazy. I am one that has to see, hear and tough it. It wasn't until my friend Michele asked me to go with her on a ghost hunt one night, that I gave in and went. That night I became a believer. I was actually pushed by a spirit. I thought that was awesome!  I have been touched, pinched, and kicked. No one time have they ever hurt me. For all you non-believers out there, I encourage you to come and do and investigation with our team. You to will become a believer. 

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Guten Tag! My name is Cassie. I am a paranormal investigator on the team. I have been experiencing paranormal phenomena since I was old enough to have memories. Most of my childhood I feared it because I was afraid of things that I could see and hear that others could not. As a teenager I noticed that I could speak events into existence and feel uncomfortable vibes when I would go places. After learning more about spirits I started slowly embracing my gifts and trying to communicate with the other side. After realizing that I was communicating with my uncle who had passed away I knew I wanted to learn more about the spirit world. In my experience a lot of spirits are lonely and feel forgotten. They  just want someone to talk too. As an investigator my goal is to find ways to communicate with the other side and let them know that someone does care.

**Our Friend and Teammate Michele has lost her battle with Cancer. We honor her memory by leaving her bio up as she will forever be a part of our team**


My name is Michele and I am absolutely fascinated by all things paranormal. As a child I read every Bell Witch book, watched any shows pertaining to aliens, big foot, ghosts, and the Bermuda Triangle.  Things that could not be explained only made me more curious. I have had personal experiences in my home and my parents home. They did not scare me but intrigued me more. A friend asked me to attend a ghost hunt with them and I have been hooked ever since. It’s like an addiction I can’t get enough of. I have been touched, had the chair I was sitting in kicked, captured EVP’s on the voice recorder and captured great evidence on a video recorder. I have been to some exciting places, but there are many more I would love to investigate.

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The afterlife has been a huge passion of mine since I can remember. I have investigated private, public, and residential hauntings professionally since the beginning of 2016.


While living in my childhood home, I had my share of experiences involving the spirit world. One I had often was knowing I was being watched from behind and sometimes even followed down the hall to my bedroom. Another way they made themselves known was through toys that my son had been given. They would say things that they were not programmed to say at just the right times where spirit communication could not be ignored or denied.


After having those experiences and the curiosity I had growing up, I decided to start investigating the paranormal with friends and am now known as the "gadget girl", as I love to use all of the lasted and greatest equipment.


Fascinated with history, I enjoy doing research and learning the story behind the property and it's "other worldly" inhabitants. I have accumulated an abundance of photos, videos, and of course amazing EVP's. Nothing can beat seeing a spirit, which I have!


I am a sensitive/empath, which I feel is an asset when connecting with the other side. I study many practices that I believe will further enhance my abilities as a paranormal investigator. Lately I have studied the healing properties of crystals, meditation, mediumship development, Tarot, dowsing, chakra balancing, and ancestral magick.


My hope is that by continuing to study and experience what I have learned, I will open new doors in communicating with those who still have things to say.